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Mediations are confidential, open discussions about the matters that are important to you. Mediations help to build and sustain positive, supportive, and healthy relationships and can help diffuse conflicts to strengthen family and community systems. We are trained volunteer mediators who help participants find new ways to resolve problems, resulting in improved communication and relationships. Our mediations are held in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment.


Interested in becoming a mediator? Enhancing your conflict resolution/management skills? Learning how to assist others in resolving conflict-related issues? Demonstrations, discussions, exercises, videos, and roleplay practice with mediation scenarios are central features of trainings.

Agricultural Mediation

Mediation can help farmers work through issues involving: succession planning, leases, farm and conservation programs, rural water loan programs, wetland determinations, grazing on national forest system lands, pesticides, rural housing and business loans, crop insurance, and issues with neighbors.

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Mediation is a chance to better understand each other, resolve conflicts, solve common problems, improve relationships, find resources or needed services and much more. Whether you need a mediation, want more information about our process, or just have a question, we’re here to help.